About us:

TriChem For Trading Company was established in 2005, active in the business of chemicals and polymers. TriChem is Serving the plastic and paint industries. Trades in PVC, PET, DOP, DINP, Titanium Dioxide & calcium carbonate as an agent and distributer.


TriChem mission is to support the industry in Egypt and out through introducing high quality raw materials at the best possible cost, as Continuous searching & introducing new grades in the market are the main responsibilities of TriChem.

Sharing information and ideas in transparent way with our customers are one of the main valuables of TriChem.

Commitment to the industry is part of our strategy, and profit is not our priority compared to customer satisfaction and continuity.

TriChem stuff is behind its success, we believe in our capabilities and understanding to the market dynamics.


To be one of the best marketing Channels for export and import of high quality chemicals with the multinational and national chemical manufacturers and traders in the Egyptian, Middle eastern and African markets ,through deep understanding of supplier strategy and customer requirements.