caco3-1Calcium Carbonate is one of the most popular mineral fillers used in the plastics industry. It is widely available around the world, easy to grind or reduce to a specific particle size, compatible with a wide range of polymer resins and economical. As an additive in plastic compounds, CaCO3 helps decrease surface energy and provides opacity and surface gloss, which improves surface finish. In addition, when the particle size is carefully controlled, CaCO3 helps increase both impact strength and flexural modulus (stiffness).

Egypt has a will established ca co3 industry produces wide range of quality, treatment and different grades according to the required application

caco3-2TriChem offers Calcium carbonate for export markets supported by good price and exact required quality.

We believe our quality, logistics & market understanding will help our customers in their growth.

We offer:

  • Coated Grades for Plastic industries
  • Un-coated grades for paint industry